YES – We are barbarians!!

It was almost three years ago. On 23 May 2017 Agit Ipek died in the Turkish province of Dersim. He was a PKK combatant and was killed that day by Turkish forces.

His death was reported to the family. The family made an effort to hand over the body. In vain.

According to the Mesopotamian press agency, the family had been told that the „body is no longer there“.

However, two years later in May 2019, the family was informed that the authorities had found the body after all. The Ipek family then drove to the city of Dersim and gave a DNA sample. After this test it was clear that the killed person was Agit Ipek.

The authorities still did not release the body.

In February, the Tunceli (Dersim) prosecutor’s office released the body and sent it by mail to the Ipek family’s home in Diyarbakir province.

According to the accompanying document, the authorities in Dersim took the body to the post office on March 2, and on April 10, the family was allowed to pick up the postal package from the judicial authorities in Diyarbakir. Screenshot 2020-04-10 at 20.00.24

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-10 um 20.00.24In which country of the world, the HDP MP Meral Danis Bestas asks in her Tweet, are human remains sent by mail?

The answer to this question is quite simple, Mrs. Meral Danis Bestas:


Yes, we are barbarians.

And not since the Islamists came to power in Turkey, but long before that. Ever since the destruction of all non-Turkish, non-Islamic cultures in Anatolia, ever since the genocide of Armenians, ever since the beginning of the extermination of the Kurds. Examples are abundant in our history.

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