Once again, an election campaign is over. I mean the election campaign in Turkey. Of course it’s another „destiny choice“.

My brother-in-law has been repeating the same sentence for years before every election: „If we don’t get rid of HIM now, then we’ll never get rid of HIM!“ The people still haven’t gotten rid of these despots and today the people in Turkey will again confirm their candidates.

In the last 5 years Turkey has voted 8 times. And every time, Erdogan won. He’ll also win the ninth time. This time in local elections. No, I’m not a clairvoyant. I just do the math. There are 57 million people called to vote today. The ruling AKP has 11 million members. I do not even include the women’s associations, the party’s youth organisations. Eleven million have a job in the public sector, in the community, at university or elsewhere. They have this job because they’re AKP members. These days, you can’t get a job in the state or community without being a party member. At least two people make a living from this one job. They must choose AKP if they do not want to jeopardise their existence. So AKP has at least 22 million votes certain from the outset. Experts estimate this voting block with the organizations around the party, and with family members at at least 25 to 26 million votes. And then there are the millions who choose AKP and Erdogan out of conviction. Thus HE always remains victorious. He has adopted the principle of the so-called „tight party membership“ from the practice of the NSDAP or the communist parties.

What happens tomorrow after the election?

He will now massively intimidate the opposition, arrest many – has already begun with it today. In Istanbul numerous arrests are underway among the supporters of the pro-Kurdish HDP. Erdogan has already announced during the whole election campaign that he will imprison many in jail after the election. He announced one of the largest investments of his government:

He would have 193 new prisons built in the next 5 years.

Currently there are 389 prisons in Turkey with 211 thousand 838 detainees and convicts in them. (December 2018)

193 new prisons mean: Approximately 105 thousand people will be added in the next 5 years. Among the 43 European countries, Turkey is a lonely leader in terms of the number of prisoners detained and convicted. Incidentally, in none of these states are people in prison for allegedly insulting the president.

211,383 prisoners. In Germany there are 62,902 prisoners (August 2018). Far less than 1/3.

Turkish mankind will vote today for Erdogan and for his 193 new prisons and thus give him the legitimation that prisons and the people in them are the „will of the people“ constantly quoted by HIM. I personally do not go to the election, also in the future to no other election, as long as HIM and his party appear as candidates. A boycott of the elections is a greater weapon that the Democrats will have in their hands in future elections. Show HIM that he is only elected by HIS party and not by the much quoted people.

„DO NOT VOTE ANYMORE!“ So that the whole world can see that HIM is a DIKTOR, like his best friend in Venezuela, Maduro, who now stands pretty alone.

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