Turkey is the country of the „supermen“. And believe me, it really isn’t that easy to become „Süpermen“ in Turkey.

But he did it. Yildirim Demirören is his name. One of his president’s best slime lickers. A very successful businessman, multi-billionaire – not with Turkish Lira, but with Euro.

About a year ago, on the orders of his president, he bought up the Dogan media group. These include various television channels and the daily newspapers Hürriyet, Posta etc. This media group wasn’t quite in line with Erdogan. So the Emir made Mr. Dogan an offer which Mr. Dogan really couldn’t refuse: „Dear Dogan, either I disown your newspapers and you end up in jail, or you sell the whole thing to Demirören for $700 millions“. No one could refuse such an offer, even though the Dogan media group was estimated to be worth several billion euros.
The president was also generous, granted his vassals Demirören through a state bank a credit of 700 million dollars, with an interest rate of 1%. Don’t forget with an annual inflation rate of 30% in Turkey.
The servant Yildirim immediately dismissed all journalists who were not loyal to the line. This has more than halved the print media circulations, so what? As long as no one critisizes Erdogan anymore.
Today the press in Turkey learned that Yildirim Demirören has banned the use of some words by „his“ journalists. For example, „increase in price“, or „rise in price“, or „rising inflation“. Whoever uses these words, in whatever context, is immediately fired.

But Yildirim – meaning „lightning“ in Turkish by the way – is also an all-rounder. He’s the president of the Turkish Football Association. A No one can criticize him. However, two journalists from Yildirim’s media empire dared to do so and criticised the football president. They were kicked out the same day. Yildirim had already sold the television broadcasting rights of the Turkish league to Qatar a few years ago, paying little attention to the small print. Now the Turkish Football Association had to pay a fine of 80 millions dollars. This is not something that should be reported on.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Blitz, Yildirim, is also the owner of the largest and only sports betting provider in Turkey. With one hand he organises the football league and with the other he leads the bets to this league. This is the Turkey of the Islamist Erdogan.
And Yildirim is the „Süpermen“

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