The Turkish Spies in Internet

For some time I have been observing the activities of Turkish and foreign “ Turkey fanatics “ on the Internet, not very intensively, but again and again. Particularly when there are reports in the media that another German has been arrested at the Turkish border for his Facebook posts.

I always wondered how the Turkish security authorities can check the Facebook accounts of thousands of people in Facebook, Twitter, but also on the Internet constantly from Turkey?

I then found that the Turkish security authorities do not usually carry out the search for „enemies“, for „offenders of the President“ themselves, but leave this selection to the voluntary hackers and/or hackers paid for by the Turkish government. Only when one side is registered as suspicious with the General Directorate of the Turkish police, the Turkish judiciary becomes active.

I have been wondering for a long time at ´ why the government-friendly media no longer advertise the free telephone number for denunciating regime critics. Now I realized that there is an app for it.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-07 um 11.37.34

You may not believe it, but there is already a free app in itunes Store in Turkish language, where you can use a mask to tell the police the IP address and name of your „political opponent“ at the push of a button (I won’t explain how to find an IP address here as well).

Only then will the security authorities in Turkey probably take further legal steps.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-07 um 11.32.47These patriotic denunciators occasionally make no secret of their search for critics of the Turkish system, and present the addresses of their „hacked“ pages. These are hackers with different names, such as „Türk Siber Ordusu“ (Turkish Cyber Army), and some are paid for by the Turkish government. The page of „Türk Siber Ordusu“ can also be found on Facebook. Until two weeks ago there were also reports on how this „army“ of alleged PKK supporters had cracked the Facebook pages and how they had reported these pages to the Turkish police via the above-mentioned app. For reasons unknown to me, the „army“ is now announcing its withdrawal to the Internet and is looking for „hackers“ to lead the various „task forces“.

IMG_0112Here is an example of a person denounced with the app, a screenshot of how the army had reported the IP address to Ankara to the General Directorate of Police. I know this person’s details and I have already informed him and his lawyer. Apparently, screenshots of this person were sent to Ankara in addition to the mask. At least until two weeks ago they were publicly visible on the Army’s Facebook page as a „successfully hacked“ page.

Many of these patriotic characters are usually Internet spies paid for by the Turkish state. The first employment contracts with around 500 hackers appear to have been signed as early as 2017 (cf. türk.Tageszeitung GUNES v.18.11.2017). They are called „white hackers“ so that they can be distinguished from the other hackers who are up to evil. There is even a promotional film in YouTube on how to apply for this job with the Turkish state and what requirements must be met by the candidates. It is particularly interesting that „school-leaving qualification“ does not play a role at all in this job, which is fairly well paid according to Turkish circumstances.

I have no information whether the German security offices are informed about these activities of the „German Turks“ here. I don’t want to think they’re not.

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